My artistic progress was slow but constant. I obtained my certificate in visual arts in December 1999.

The human form, the human movement have always been a source of true passion. They inspire me greatly. My sculptures either reflect a state of mind, a given situation or a social justification which has, as their basis, what touch is me the most or what touch the society. I always accompany my sculptures with a text, not to explain them but rather to add to them, to give them a soul.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked with clay. I feel very close to clay as I transfer my emotions through my art. I have numerous clay sculptures but in the past three years, I’ve started to create aluminum sculptures. More recently I also produced a few bronze and I seem to want to direct my creations toward this element.

Since 2000, I’ve participated in numerous symposiums throughout the province of Quebec. The most prestigious one was ”Rencontre des arts” at St-Jean surle Richelieu. More recently, I won the ”Choice of the Public” Award at the 2003 Château Richer Symposium. I was as well awarded with the ”Grande Distinction” Price at the Annual ”Cercle des Artistes, peintres et sculpteurs”. I also received the gold medal for the Regina Assumpta Cultural Centre in Montreal and the ”Prix du Jury” at the ”Parole en Art” Symposium in Montreal.

I’ve exposed in numerous exhibitions in group in the province of Quebec and one at Pertuis in France. I also had a solo exhibition at the Louis Hémon Museum in Lac St-Jean. I permanently exhibit at la Galerie La Marée Montante, St Laurent, île d’Orléans, at la Galerie Le Vieil’ Art in Alma, at la Galerie Christine Genest in Cap-Santé. Spring 2009, I had an exhibit at the TORONTO ART EXPO, in Toronto. End 2011, I participated to an exhibit at the Caroussel du Louvres in Paris! What an adventure! When I came back, I had an interview at the program L'Heure de Pointe, at Radio-Canada.

Carole Desgagné